Why Take CTE Classes?


College Tech Prep is a course of study with required math, science, English, and career and technical education course sequences that provide every student with the opportunity for a focused course of study related to their career goal. College Tech Prep completers can meet college course requirements and have the multiple options of enrolling in a four-year college or university, a community college, and/or entering adult apprenticeship programs.


Career Technical Education (CTE) classes offer students the opportunity to study career areas in high demand, high tech, high pay, and emerging careers.  Several CTE classes are offered on the "honors" level.  Many classes offer national certification at the completion of the course.  The new MicroSoft IT Academy offers students the opportunity to earn MicroSoft Certification in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Access while in highschool.    


Students take CTE classes for a variety of reasons.  Some take CTE classes to explore careers, to prepare for college, and to give them an advantage in the work place.  Many students concentrate in a career cluster (or pathway) with the intentions of attending a community college, then going to work. Some will eventually transfer to a four-year college.  Many of our CTE students plan to go directly to a four-year college, but considering the economy, want a safety net in case problems arise and they have difficulty in paying for a four year college immediately out of high school.     


College Tech Prep classes offer students a solid foundation in preparation for college, career, and life.



Where Can I Go To Take CTE Classes?

Because of the cost of equipment and software and the number of classrooms and labs required, not all CTE Classes are offered at all campuses. Grimsley offers a large number of CTE classes in Business and Marketing, Engineering, Health Sciences, Early Childhood Education, and Masonry. 

Students interested in CTE classes that are not available at Grimsley should check out the programs offered at Weaver (located on Spring Street).  GCS provides transportation. Most of these classes are offered during the first two hours or last two hours of the Grimsley school day.  Students who attend Weaver for part of the school day are considered "Grimsley" students .