Standard Mode of Dress Guidelines



The following standard mode of dress is required of all students Monday through Friday. As you shop for school clothes, please follow the guidelines below. A list of possible vendors is included.

Shirts - must be tucked in at all times and cannot contain any  logos or imprinting; t-shirts cannot be worn as the primary shirt and should not be worn if it has writing or graphics that can be seen through the top garment.

Polo/Golf Style Shirt

Short or long sleeve

Must have two to four buttons

Colors - white, royal blue, golden rod, navy, black 

Turtleneck/mock turtleneck shirt

Colors - white, royal blue, golden rod, navy

Oxford Dress Shirt or Blouse - no denim or chambray

Short or long sleeve

Colors - white, royal blue, golden rod, black, navy 

Peter Pan blouse - white

Sweater/sweatshirt - not hooded

Cannot hang past straddle of pants (not baggy)

Must be worn over an approved dress code shirt

May have a round or v-neck, or it may be a button-front cardigan style

Sweater vest - white, royal blue, golden rod, navy, black 

Official Frazier t-shirts and sweatshirts may be worn on Fridays.  

Pants and Shorts

Must be a waist fit; no logos or graphics permitted

Should be dress type made of twill/cotton 

Baggy/undersized/skin tight pants will not be permitted

Must be straight-legged (no bell or flared bottoms), hemmed, and cannot drag on the floor 

  Pockets should be limited to no more than two front and two back pockets

Form fitting spandex material, nylon, denim, and sweat pants are prohibited 

 Cargo pants are not allowed 

Capri pants are allowed but cannot be hip huggers or have a skin tight fit. The manufactured slit at the bottom of the Capri Pant cannot be above the knee.  They should be walking style

Shorts or skorts should be no more than 4 inches above the bend at the back of the knee and should be a walking style

Colors - khaki, black, navy, or royal blue


Skirts cannot be shorter than 4 inches above the bend at the back of the knee

Colors - khaki, royal blue, black, navy


Students should wear a belt to ensure a waist fit and to assist with holding tucked shirt in place. 

Belts or waist bands must be visible with shirts tucked in except when approved sweaters or sweatshirts are worn.

Color - dark belts or belts that match the color of the garments

Graphics and/or labels on belts or belt buckles are unacceptable 

Belts must be an appropriate length and not hang below the straddle

Suspenders are not permitted


Shoes should be closed toe and closed heel for safety reasons

Students are not allowed to wear flip-flops

Colors - black, brown, white, navy, royal blue   


School Pride Apparel may be worn as a shirt on Fridays with SMOD bottoms.

SMOD information, the dress code policy and vendor list will be provided for parents before the new year begins, when new students enroll and/or when revisions are made to the dress code.

Any item that is worn to school must not undermine the integrity of the dress code, serve as a disruption to the educational process or present a health hazard to an individual or their peers.

The following vendors have been identified as selling Standard Mode of Dress clothing items; however, clothing may be purchased at any store of choice or personal preference:

The Uniform Shoppe (704) 885-0089

Sam's Club

JCPenney -



Burlington Coat Factory 


Old Navy -

Educational Outfitters(West Market)

Walmart School Uniform Warehouse-